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Custodian takes advantage of ‘National School Walkout’, steal $180 from students’ book bags

A school custodian took advantage of the National School Walkout regarding the gun violence and she stole around $180 from the book bags of the students. The internet is leaving vilified remarks on this cunning effort of the custodian who violated the moral values of her duty.

The students of the South Carolina school were busy attending the walkout and the custodian racked up her cash. The incident happened at Richland Northeast High School on Wednesday. Aisha Evans was given the duty of a custodian to keep a track of the belongings of children. However, when the children were outside she rummaged through the bags of 3 students in search of money.

After efforts, Evans stole $180.

The custodian was arrested shortly after the incident came into the light of the authorities. She was charged with three counts of petty larceny. It’s worth noting the custodian held no scruples while conducting the petty larceny. She was employed by Service Solutions which is a business providing custodial services to district’s school.

CNN reported: “On Thursday, March 15, Service Solutions notified Richland Two that Evans is no longer an employee of the company and was informed that she cannot come on any Richland Two property.”

The rest developments about the story are unclear. We know that thousands of high school students have taken part in the march to end the gun violence. A recent incident of a guy who shot two of his class-fellows has already gained much attention. A lot of people are worried about the safety of their children.

The school building where the theft happened can be seen in the below picture.

Aisha Evans

Such acts must not be taken but the purpose of her theft is yet unclear. She must be in some dire need of money or there might be some other reasons, so just let’s not jump to conclusions.

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