Curious cockatoo PHOTOBOMBS the traffic camera’s shots in Australia and gets VIRAL on the internet

FUNNY MOMENT when a cockatoo tried to mess with the police speed camera set on the highway.

The hilarious video was posted by Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) in Queensland, which shows a bird peeking into the camera with maximum curiosity. The video was captioned with the following sentence: ‘Keep an eye out for this complete galah on the road today’.

The video begins when the bird slowly moves in the frame to take a peak and hilariously, only the beak can be seen in the camera. But that does not satisfy the curiosity of the bird and then the bird covers the whole frame by getting a better a look.

The video was uploaded by TMR, but the Facebook post backfired as the department confused the cockatoo with a galah.

One person said, ‘No wonder the department can’t get a thing right can’t tell the difference between a cockatoo and a galah.’

To which the department responded, ‘It might not be bang-on but at least this draft is safe for work. Have you thought about following Queensland National Parks for more accurate bird IDs?’.

The Queensland National Parks responded to the comments saying, ‘Without ‘feather’ ado Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) feel free to send us these feathery culprits to ID and we will send you some regos for identification!’

Another person said, ‘Maybe he’s a cockatoo that identifies as a galah…TMR is just being sensitive to this galah’s self-identification.’

The department was reached for a comment, to which they stated that this is the only footage they had. The video has gone viral since it’s upload and has been viewed over 400,000 times.

This video was recorded from the camera located on Murgatroyd Road West, just south of Cairns.

The images and video content has been obtained from Department of Transport and Main Roads (Facebook)

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