Cristiano Ronaldo agrees to pay $21m for ending tax-evasion case, avoids jail-term

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The football player has earned quite a lot of fans from the beginning of his career. The football skills of Cristiano Ronaldo are just unmatchable and this can be credited to his practice and dedication. He is known as a skilful forward for Italian club Juventus and captain of the Portugal national football team. Recently he has reached a deal to get away with the tax evasion case. This deal has been signed with the Spanish tax authorities as they had made a case against the famous forward of Juventus.

Football star accepts hefty fine for tax evasion

The Portuguese football star just avoided jail-term. He could have gotten 23-month prison time before signing the deal. 23 months behind the bars is a pretty lengthy time for any player or celebrity as this can mean an end to the career. Ronaldo seemed quite happy as he came out of the Spanish court. He was holding the hands of his Spanish fiancee Georgina Rodriguez. The couple looked in a pleasant mood. He also signed auto-graphs while approaching his black van.

These charges emerged against the player for his period as a forward for Madrid club between 2009-18. He agreed to settle the long standing case by paying up 18.8 million euro fine. The judge also awarded him a two year suspended sentence. Ronaldo could have ended up in jail however, Spanish laws are lenient for the firs time tax evasion. The court was held for 15 minutes to settle the fate of Cristiano. This is a good news for the fans of football who cherish his game. He is indeed blessed as he can change the results of a game using his skills. The player seems to be blessed. A very few players are considered as successful as Ronaldo. He enjoys an international fame.

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