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‘Criminal Santa’ calls 911 for help after getting trapped in chimney during robbery

Written by Wamiq Ali

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (KCRA) – A robbery suspect was arrested shortly after he was rescued from a chimney. The dude got stuck in the chimney which happened to be smaller in diameter than his body’s girth and all this happened while he was trying to conduct a theft. The guy couldn’t believe becoming lodged in the chimney in an attempt to break into a building. However, the hopeless robber had to call 911 sometime later to seek assistance.

Image taken from , Thanks to Police Department!

Jesse Berube, 32yo was taken into the custody after the emergency services helped him get relieved from the chimney. Berube slid down the chimney in an attempt to enter the building but he got stuck. Berube was trapped completely but he had enough space to move his hand and call 911.

Officers along with the fire personnel arrived the scene and used special equipment to relieve the guy.

Criminal Santa does not have the same skills as the real deal, police said in a message to the media!

The guy wasn’t hurt in the incident, however, he learned a lifelong lesson to check the inside space of a chimney prior to using it for jumping into a building. Definitely, he tried to be more creative with the robbery attempt but he failed at it miserably after getting stuck inside a chimney for hours. Ultimately he had to offer his own arrest after desperately trying to free himself. This was a rather pyrrhic win!

A unique case of quick justice served without a robbery taking place.

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