Creepy Human Face Pot Pies are the new in Eating Trend

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If someone likes to try out new things then these pies are going to serve the purpose. These Pot Pies are not only new in nature but also quite different and queer at the same time. These can give goosebumps to anyone having these pies for the first time. Imagine getting these pies inside a covered box and a guest opens the box for the first time, surely he’ll feel awkward.

Any normal person would happily slurp these human-faced pot pies. There is nothing queer in consuming such cookies. The only added disadvantage can be the allusions accompanied with these cookies.

The readers might be interested in the origin of these pot pies. Well, these are the products of an Etsy shop. This shop It Came from Under my Bed carves out everything creepy. The latest product which went viral on the internet is these Human-Faced Pot Pies. Many people are finding this product amazing. However, a few feel that this isn’t right as they can feel the pain in their stomach while consuming such a thing.

The additional features can be added to the pie. You can get teeth, smile, and hairs in the pie, as per your own needs. Be aware, the effect can be sometimes terrifying for not so normal people. The demand for these hot pies is ever increasing and this means that more people are willing to have fun.

Needless to say this pie thing has gone insane. I am literally paying my daughter to help check messages. I don’t have any shop helpers so bear with me while I try to keep up. I have more pies on the way to my Etsy store very very soon. I always have these in my shop so if you miss them this round don’t worry I’m making more. Just have to finish up the edges on these – Said Ashley on Facebook according to Unilad

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