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Creepy guy posts on Facebook, “Coming to a park seeking a girl for 30 days live-in relationship”

Written by Wamiq Ali

Guy posts the longest ever Facebook ad to seek a girl for a live-in relationship. This can be titled as one of the most creepy posts on Facebook. The guy literally made a life long plan and posted it on Facebook. The plan which he made and posted was for the girl of his dreams.

The post is incredibly long and the summary of which is an offering which includes a 30 days relationship. The girl who accepts this offer after she visits the Rohnert Park and meets with the guy may be able to live with him for 30 days. These 30 days will be given to her as a reality check. If the girl likes the guy then she may be able to marry him. After the marriage, the guy is responsible for all the expenses and other things. 

In the post, he even shows his concerns for the future baby which he may have with the girl who gets selected in the Park for a life long relationship, after a 30 days scrutiny period. He imagines the baby weight to be around 7-8 pounds in the post. The guy even included the diet plans telling the reader of the ad that he’d like to have more organic food.  The organic food will ensure the health of the selected girl and the baby born in the future.

In the middle of the post, he even mentions other women, might be the women which he may fall for later in some phase of life. He writes that all the women may be kept separately or they can have a big home where all of them will live together. This choice he left for the woman who might like to accept the offer after reading the post.

I’d like to conclude this very quickly, as the original post is quite long. The guy, in the end, mentions his goodness, he offers any woman reading the post to start a debate in order to earn the man of her dreams. Read the post yourself, we took a screenshot for you:


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