Creep mistakes moustached man for his crush – sends images to impress

Almost everyone tried to get the cell phone number of one of his classmates during his education career. This story is formed out of the same urge which made this guy a total creep. People get a crush at different times of their life and the most sensitive age during which people try to form relations with opposite gender is the ‘teenage’.

The basics of any relationship formation include communication, the internet and globalization have helped humans to contact people with the lightning speeds. Today humans have Facebook and Twitter which helps them contact people without facing them in reality. This often leads to some doubts end people are often confused about the original identity of the person with whom they are talking on the internet – or through any other communication means which does not involve direct face to face experience.

This guy is currently going viral on the internet and the reason for this is the very dubious nature of the existing chatting communication methods. The texter whose name is Brandon tried to talk to one of his female classmates by messaging. With much zeal and zest, he got the number of his crush.

Th3GreenMan56 posted the story on the social media website Reddit and there he got quite interesting views of the visitors. So this guy once initiated the message and bumped into a mustache man. This entire conversation got around 2,500 commands and it started with 1 sms off Brandon text “Hi” to the wrong number.

Brandon also used the technique of role playing in his first messages to look a little civilized and expressive. He had no idea that he bumped into a mustached man who was not interested in listening to his rant. Brandon thoughts that his classmate was actually defying his messages by lying about her identity. He was persistent that the number was accurate and he thought that he was talking to his crush through messaging.

In the desperate attempt to impress his crush Brandon sent some images. The guy on the other side of the messages understood that Brandon was not going to believe him unless he sends his own image of himself. Thus he took a picture of himself and sent in the messages.

Captain_Jaxen wrote, “The “no” actually made me laugh quite a bit, like how much denial can you even have?

I love the denial sprinkled through the post the masses of excuses that must have ran through his head and when eventually faced with having to accept all his mistakes all he can force is a single meek broken “no”” – wrote Falmingo_of_lies

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