Crazy Ohio mall female security guard attacks people taking pictures and gets kicked on the Face

Written by Wamiq Ali

In the video, the female security guard warned people to not take photos and tried to assert some authority. The people, on the other hand, weren’t ready to listen to the female guard. They started making fun of her and started questioning her authority.

The video starts with a female guard asking for the cameras. She didn’t want people to take pictures of the property. She tried to touch one of the ladies in the group who was taking pictures. The other lady told her to not touch the lady or it will be considered an assault. The female guard was trying desperately to assert her power but she failed multiple times.

Female guard told people to leave but people questioned her authority. One of the ladies told her that she had no authority to force people to leave. While this was happening another guy stepped into the situation and started taking pictures without any hesitation. The female guard shouted, “Hey You! Leave.”, the guy lowered his camera into the pocket.

Guard telling the guy to leave

My name is officer Adams and you’re not allowed to take pictures“, said the young guard in uniform. In another desperate attempt to make people leave the property, she started counting till 10. She warned people that it’d be seconds before she made them leave the place. Luckily, she never made it to 10.

After that, a physical fight broke out between the guard and another lady. The lady proved to be more skilful than the guard in the fight. She hit the guard with her boots multiple times in the face. You can watch the complete incident in the video below:

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