Crazy girl holds ex-boyfriend as a hostage while drinking bleach shortly after he dumped her!

Written by Wamiq Ali

The boyfriend wants to leave but the girl isn’t giving him safe passage. He said that he didn’t have time for all this drama. In the video, he kept on asking the girl to get off his way and let him go. The dialogue between the two goes on like this, not to be very exact but to give you a brief summary,

Boyfriend (Active): You always don’t let me leave, you blocking the door and all of this dumbshit. Let me go, just let me fukin’ leave. It’s my birthday weekend and never about the matter that I stay here and be a goofy and deal with this shit.

Girlfriend (Passive): Keeps on blocking the door, goes away after listening to him, and I think locks the door from outside.

Boyfriend (Passive): (The girl reappears in the scene, starts to break things off, letting him know that she is the one who deals with things everything) The boyfriend starts to shout, telling her, ‘I don’t care for all this, I don’t care for this shit’. He again asks her to allow him to leave the home. He told her that she does extra every time.

The girl tried to close the recording but he didn’t allow her to do so, instead, he told her that he got everything inside, in his recording. Now the girl has some long white cloth maybe! Which we don’t know why she had in her hands at first place! The boyfriend threatened the girl that he might call the cops and then they too would know about her moral weakness.

As a final resort so brings on something from outside, and then shouts at him to move, even putting a hand on his recording device. 

She shouts and try to throw away a plate

She tried to throw away a plate but the dude played smart, told her that she was being recorded and she didn’t have to do all this or cops might know, well this changed her mind and she no longer threw away the plate. She already had thrown away so much stuff in the house.

In the beginning of the video she even drank bleach and the end of the video shows an empty bleach bottle lying on the floor.

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