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Couple wins $3.25M after adopted son is reclaimed by birth parents, later murdered by birth father

Written by Wamiq Ali

Iowa couple wins $3.25 million in a lawsuit against a lawyer who had been negligent in the adoption of a baby boy. The couple which won the lawsuit was in process of adopting a baby boy from a couple. After the process completed the baby boy got reclaimed by the birth parents. Later, the baby boy got murdered by the birth parents.

Rachel and Heidi McFarland were awarded the judgment against Jason Rieper this Tuesday. The Des Moines attorney Jason Rieper stated that the adopters actually acted negligently in not getting the biological parents to drop their parental rights.

The release-of-custody was never signed by the biological parents.

The same sex parents wanted to adopt a baby. McFarlands had filed this suit in 2014. They had planned to adopt a baby from the daughter of one of the Rachel’s nursing home co-workers. Both of them were present at the birth of this baby boy in December 2013.

Me and Heidi were super excited. We thought it was destiny. We felt lucky.

McFarlands coached her through the labor. A baby boy was born from the biological mother Markeya Atkins and McFarlands were the one to cut the umbilical cord. Both of them wanted a boy and name him Gabriel. A strong name, and so did they name him Gabriel.

The journey of the couple with the boy was of around 78 days. After this, they learned that the biological parents of the boy wanted him back. They gave him back after getting much disturbed with the news since they already had developed feelings with the baby.

Heidi McFarland with the Gabriel

In late April, the couple was watching TV when Rachel saw a news about the murder of a baby boy. They at once recognized that it was Gabriel. Heidi started to scream and then they confirmed his death from Atkin.

The death of the boy had happened when he was left alone with his father. A doctor examined the baby to find that he died from head trauma. Weehler Smith, the biological father, pleaded guilty to the murder of the baby boy.

The father was given a 40 year jail time for his crime.

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