Couple saves £15,000 by refusing to turn on their central heating for 10 years

Luxuries in life are meant to increase the productivity, these aren’t for making the life more difficult. There are certain luxuries in life which are not meant to increase the productive level of a person, instead such luxuries make his life lethargic. Deciding between branded thing and an unbranded item of same quality is the kind of luxury which not everyone has and most people with purchase power decide to go for a branded thing, meanwhile those who don’t have a budget try to remain in their limits. Now, both of these items, whether from a popular brand or from a cheap vendor, are luxury since they serve their purpose. However, being able to decide between the two is the kind of luxury which not everyone has, therefore, luxuries must be questions quite often. This couple decided to question their luxury of having central heating. They chose not to warm up their house for 10 years and in turn they saved £15,000.

Couple tries to save pounds by opting against central heating

A savvy couple decided to preserve some energy by not using the central heating of their home. Joanne and Jim Bell decided that they didn’t need to use the heating and they took care of their clothing in such a manner that none of them got ill during the period of 10 years. Despite the freezing winters of the UK, the couple of Yelland, Devon don’t want to use central heating.

The couple spends the money, saved after deciding against using the central heating, on their own life. Recently, they spent £1,000 for going to Neil Young and Bob Dylan concerts, something they enjoyed. The loving wife says that the decision was made in protest at the proliferation of wind farms. However, later their bodies adapted so well to the chilly weather that they decided to stay that way. She further added that they feel uncomfortable in the house sof the other people who use central heating. When it gets cold, the couple uses good clothes and also uses hot water bottles. Their heating bill used to be about £1,500 in one  year, which means they spend thousands over the period of ten years. The couple has two dogs and they walk along with the pair, the body movement helps them stay warm. 

The couple’s motion started when they observed that thousands of birds get killed because of huge wind farms. Therefore, in order to campaign against the wind turbines they decided to stop using the energy. The woman says that she wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. If a family has elderly people or young kids then this isn’t possible.

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