Couple moves wedding forward so that the terminally ill dog can attend

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Dogs are considered as good pets for the human beings, they are important because they have proved loyalty towards the humans in the most different of the circumstances. Therefore, a dog is often considered as a best friend of the human beings. According to one report, millennials are found more interested in giving importance to pets, while they attempt to treat them like their own kids. In a recent show of this love, a couple decided to change the date of their wedding because their dog was terminally ill. The news started to make rounds on the internet, as the 34yo Estelle Harris and her husband, 32yo Danny Harris, decided to take a decision in favour of their dog. They were heartbroken when they saw their beloved bull mastiff Bruce terminally ill. The dog was given months to live which broke the heart of the couple.

The couple rushed towards the hospital with their dog, as it had symptoms of white gums and blue tongue. The couple had thought that they were about to lose their dog. She had owned this dog as a little pup when she was eight weeks old. Bruce was diagnosed with a life threatening situation, the doctor told the couple that his lungs and heart were surrounded by a fluid, and his situation was critical. The vets drained the liquid immediately to save the life of the Bruce. However, he was given months to live. Later, the couple was given news that Bruce was suffering from cancer. The couple decided that their dog needed to go through operation for the removal of the cancerous lump. The Bruce survived but the doctors gave him 5 months to live. The dog survived through the seven hours operation but its life was not sured.

This cancer is aggressive and fast and even with chemo he would only have six months the vet said. My whole world is falling apart knowing that he’s dying and there’s nothing I can do about it. (said Estelle)

Estelle tried everything to prolong the life of Bruce, thus the couple decided to change the date of their pre-planned wedding. Bruce is like a child to Estelle. The couple had decided to marry on May 4, but later they decided to go through marriage in a hurry in the month of February, with a three weeks notice to Bruce’s life. They went to the registry office and opted for a simple marriage ceremony.

Bruce is so funny and very much a mummy’s boy. Danny has two children, I have none. Bruce is my child, a four-legged one but still love him as much as a human child. He’s my world and nothing will ever come close to me and Bruce.

It was important to have him in my photos. Our families totally understood as they are all dog lovers and know how much Bruce means to us.

I do everything with Bruce, my whole life revolves around. I feel I have nothing to live for once he’s gone. Obviously I have a husband, two beautiful step-children…but Bruce is so important to me… he’s my life. (said Estelle as reported by Unilad)

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