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Couple Finds Note Hidden Inside Bathroom Walls While Renovating

Getting something new is often heavy on the pocket in terms of cash and money. Thus people often prefer to buy something old and then renovate it according to their own taste. The smart ones are good at renovating the things on their own. This couple came across the task of renovating their house bathroom and they found something hilarious hidden beneath the walls.

Once you start to repair something then there are chances of coming across strange things during the process. Holes in the wall and other things start to appear – someone who is much unlucky can come across even a burst pipe.

A message from the past during the renovation seems a little bit off the line!

Well, yes! The same couple who decided to renovate their washroom came across a message from the past. Jess and Alex Mooney were renovating their washroom in San Franscisco’s Bay Area. They came across an unexpected message.

Hi! We’re the Shinsuki’s! We remodelled this bathroom Summer 1995. If you’re reading this, that means you’re remodelling the bathroom again. What’s wrong with the way we did it?!?!? – read the note.

The note discovered!

Things got even weirder when they discovered another note left by the Shinsuki’s pet bunny rabbit that the pet was potty trained. Alex, later, took the picture of the bathroom notes and uploaded them on the Twitter. Alex was interviewed by Buzzfeed:

Jess and I thought it was hilarious! Totally unexpected so it gave us a good laugh throughout the day.

Inspired by the previous messages, Alex and JES decided to write their own message for any future person.

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