Couple banned meat-eating friends from attending their wedding party

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There are different kinds of wedding functions which happen depending upon the taste of the people. This one couple decided to marry each other and their condition for the guests made them pretty viral on the internet. According to this couple, they preferred not to invite someone who wasn’t vegan. Therefore, they banned any guest who might have some tendency to eat meat. Now, vegan and meat-eaters always have some different of opinion, one group says that they get the life saving proteins from other foods like pulses while the second group says that certain essential amino acids can’t be obtained from the pulses and meat is necessary. Therefore, this debate goes on. The couple post was shared on Reddit group r/insanepeoplefacebook and it went viral. Therefore, it was necessary to share it with our audience.

Vegan couple’s post sparks a huge debate on the internet

The post indeed became the center point of a lot of attention, as everyone started to share his own opinions regarding the couple’s choice to invite only those who ate vegan diet. In this regard, Bored Panda approached the member and founder of World of Vegan and he gave his own comments in this regard. He said that often vegan couples want to make every own go wow with the special menu of their wedding, therefore they offer everything vegan so that people may say, “Wow, was all of this really a vegan food?” Therefore, according to him several couples try to show cause of their reason being vegan. He further advised that guests can be asked to donate to the animal charity organisations rather than bringing in some gifts to such weddings.

As a result, he mentioned various ways using which the couple could have avoided this extreme ban. However, it’s worth mentioning that the bride in question is 20yo therefore she can be excused for her naivety.

It appears that she had invited the entire family but she decided to un-invite the guests. The family was ready to be vegan for a couple of days but by un-inviting the guests she gave out a loud message that she wasn’t interested in keeping relations with those who ate meat. Well, this is an extreme example of exercising the vegan rights. Being Vegan decided to comment on this matter, a Facebook run page, as they said that the couple should have invited everyone. The people on Reddit had various comments on this matter and most of them said that the couple should have served the vegan food instead.

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