Cory Booker promises jobs & equality, a presidential 2020 nomination

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Cary Booker who had risen to the national stage in the fight over Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. He gained national prominence after his anti-Trump narrative. In the current times of media where everything and every statement is getting documented, one has to chose a side, either he can oppose the popular celebrities or he can support those celebrities in a bid to walk the path of fame. Last Friday, he announced that he would be running for the presidential election for 2020 which are planned to be held in USA. This is a democratic party nomination and he believes to give some tough time to other contenders. Cory Booker nomination definitely fuels up the youthful energy into the expanding Democratic field.

Booker who is 49 years old after his announcement became the 4th senator who would be running for the president. He is the latest democrat for sending his nomination and hopes to be supported by the people. The announcement of Cory Booker to be running for the president was indeed a surprise for everyone. In an interview, he shared his agenda.

I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind, I would focus on creating good jobs and would reform the criminal justice system. (said Cory Booker in a video published on his website)

He shared the racial differences which his family had to face and he promised to stand up for the equality of races. He believes that all the people from difference races are needed to be brought together. This is worth noting that he is trying to walk the footsteps of Obama, as he had resigned his senate seat and ultimately won the 2008 election. The nominations contests would happen in this month, and the candidate which gains the favour of majority of the delegates would be facing Trump.

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