Corporate guy resigns prestigious job only to move to Africa to serve animals

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Life has different aspects, these aspects are often explored in different times. Some people try to find out some meaning for their life. In order to give it a meaning they struggle and experience different shades of life. A few people try to get a useful job in order to give their life a meaning. A couple of people among these people after spending a few years in job decide to leave it. This one guy left his amazing corporate job which included comfort, luxurious flat and an amazing work environment. However, he knew that this was not the life which he had to live. Many people after reading the story of this guy would envy him because a lot of them don’t dare to leave their job. Many people love to travel around the world, feeling the adventure, new experiences and travelling the whole world.

26yo Swiss man proves that he is brave

This 26yo Swiss man, named Dean Schneider has proved that one doesn’t need to be in right circumstances to lend a hand to the nature. The only thing which someone needs is courage. He was working as a financial advisor in Switzerland. Later one day, he decided to sale everything and go on a trip to South Africa. He wanted to help the wild life, something which he thought might be beautiful.

He created a club for animals in a 300 ha estate to cater for the lions which were born in captivity. He also made a separate area for wild animals like kudu, impalas, hyenas and zebras. He kept the name of the club as Hakuna Mipaka. This is an expression in Swahili which means no limits. The goal of this man is to bring the wild animals in the common life of the people and he aims to make people love these wild animals. He says that humans care for things if they love them.

Those who want to watch more pictures of this guy then they can visit his Instagram channel.

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