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‘Coronavirus challenge’ – Woman licks toilet seat in plane

Strange enough, some people have not learned from the hardships of the Chinese. The claims of Coronavirus spreading in Wuhan city of China started back in December 2020. It took some weeks before World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus to be a pandemic. The novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic on 11th March 2020. The spread first started in Iran, and later Europe became the victim. At the time of writing this article, Europe and the US seem to be fighting off this advanced virus named Corona after its micro-structure.

This virus poses some risk to the elderly people who already have some lungs issues. The symptoms of the virus include pneumonia. The sufferer starts to face difficulty in breathing. The only solution present for this virus is the self-quarantine.

Are influencers exploiting the Coronavirus scare?

Surprisingly enough, as the virus started to make news in the mainstream media. A woman decided to lick toilet seat on a plane. Maybe in doing so she wanted to normalise a deviant behaviour. Several TikTok users, a social media application, are also adding to the trend by making videos regarding the CoronaVirus. The woman on plane went a step ahead and as she licked the toilet seat, she started a fruitless and dangerous trend. So far, no one has followed her suit, and it’s advised that people should not do it. Licking a toilet seat is itself dangerous as it contains so many dangerous pathogens.

The Instagram model and influencer, Ava Louise was boarding a flight, as she decided to perform the deviant act. She later tweeted the video from her official Twitter handle to showcase her act of embracing the possibility of virus infecting the people.

People gave her mixed responses. Other influencers damned the Louise and demanded her to be arrested for starting a negative comment. The model currently has 16k followers. She has been quoted by some important and big media corporations for her act of stupidity.

Coronavirus is a huge scare and currently World Health Organisation recommends that a person should not use his unclean hands to touch eyes and nose. Those who don’t have knowledge on how to deal with a virus, should listen to the health experts and their respective governments. Those who believe that they might not survive the virus due to their old age must put themselves in self-quarantine. It’s not the first time that the humanity faces challenge.

Is Coronavirus the only concern?

At moment, yes Coronavirus is a huge concern and those who have limited knowledge are mostly afraid of its spread. Viruses mutate and often start to spread due to unclean habits. Everyday people engulf million of viruses, some of those don’t affect humans due to the innate immunity. At moment, economic affects of the virus are huge, and the world is concerned. At the same time, African Swine Flue is also making economic troubles in the swine industry. The two viruses are causing impact on the economic health of the world. China has somewhat dealt with the virus, their self-quarantine and attempt to remain clean worked.

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