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Cops arrest drunk guy pulling 10 shopping carts of beer behind lawn tractor

Written by Wamiq Ali

A rather pyrrhic win for the guy who successfully pulled 10 shopping carts of beer but later couldn’t get away from the cops.  The guy was drunk which surely made him immune from the cops behind the back of his mind. Beer, if taken beyond the limit, is a thing which gives an auspice to achieve anything in the world without any second thought of ramification.

The cops forstalled the idea of a freeman enjoying a drunk ride. So, this man wearing cut off shorts and drinking a beer on his lawn ride crossed a cop sitting in the car. The dishevelled hair of the man as he drove past the cop signal of a speed greater than 30kmh. 

What the hell,” said the cop as he saw the guy and fired up his siren. He then started to chase the guy as he didn’t stop on the siren. The guy seemed to be under some sort of influence. The cop couldn’t engulf the erroneous behaviour of the man on streets. He must have felt the malaise and thought to eviscerate the guy of his pleasure, ‘10 shopping carts of beer dragging behind.

All those carts of beer being dragged behind

The man was lucky that his lawn machine wasn’t going much fast. The cops made to the guy quickly and brought him off the lawn machine. “I’m having a party at my buddy Jimmy’s house,” – he told the cop. The cop replied with anger that he had no time for this nonsense. He asked him to turn off his machine.

Cop arresting the guy and pulling him off the lawn machine

I know my right,’ the guy shouted after being wrestled to the floor. A beer popped out of the lawnmower and rolled down the road. 

This was the news which broke out but later after we confirmed and tried to search for the truth, it was actually an act done by comedian Marc Ryan, ‘The Lawnmower DUI Guy.” The phrases like ‘I know my rights‘ have become popular among the adults. Mr Ryan explained that it was actually Steve driving the lawnmower as he has no regard for the police and he often finds himself in the jail. He said that he grew up with this character Steve. So one can say that Steve is an alter ego of Mr Ryan.

Watch the video below, Warning: It contains graphical language.

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