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Cop shared racist Facebook meme about ‘Black kids dating white Daughters’, forcefully resigned

Written by Wamiq Ali

Unfortunate share for the cop on Facebook resulted in giving an early resignation. Estherwood, Louisiana is quite small having around 1000 residents. The village has its own police force. The police force is already small in number and this Tuesday it had one less senior officer.

Assistant Chief of Police Wayne Welsh resigned this Tuesday just within 48 hours of sharing a Facebook meme. The meme happened to be racist in a funny context but it wasn’t still acceptable.

Initially, Welsh defended the shared meme. He got interviewed by ABC news and he said, “Sharing some meme on Facebook isn’t actually against the law.” He said that Facebook police gave it a racist card. Welsh Facebook page is public and one local civic leader asked the local council to review Welsh prior Facebook activity. Welsh try to defend himself and the case of a racial Facebook meme actually went viral and a lot of people started taking an interest. The matter involved a police official openly sharing some racial material on Facebook.

By evening, after the civic leader asked for his internet activity reviews, Welsh boss announced his resignation. Easterwood is a white enclave having 93 percent of Caucasian residents. The stats were taken in 2014 and it might be bit different as of today.

Welsh isn’t the only case of resigning because of some internet activity. Prior to Welsh, Chief of Staff in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office also resigned because of forwarding racist emails to friends. His email activity got revealed by the reported. Officers in San Francisco were also caught exchanging racist messages on their smartphones. A Miami cop also lost his job after sharing a Facebook meme of a black kid titled, “Rare photo of Obama in his bassinet.”

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