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Cop who punched female football fan (who slapped him) cleared of wrongdoing

Written by Wamiq Ali

Remember the female football fan who was escorted out of the stadium? We had covered that news, well the grieved female football fan had filed against the police officer who took her outside the stadium with force.

Earlier this month, a video went viral on the internet which featured a University of Miami football fan slapping an officer who in returned punched the girl and made her unconscious (as interpreted from the video). The name of the woman had been identified later, Bridget Freitas, 3yo nurse, got charged with felony battery on a police officer and misconduct. The sad incident happened when Douglass Ross (Police officer) along with his companions were trying to take her outside the stadium. Due to her resistance, they had to carry her out, while they were taking her outside, she slapped Ross and who in turn punched her in the head.

Later, due to a complaint against the Ross, the supervisors found that Ross’s behaviour was within the departmental rules. They declared that their officer made no mistake.

Police Director told the media that in the video it might not appear to be ethical and good but police officers are trained in a way to not distinguish between a man or woman before punching.

The incident was filmed and within hours the 14 seconds video was shared on the social media with comments of different nature. A lot of people gave their opinions against the girl and they said that the girl shouldn’t have resisted the police activity. The police were merely doing their job.

In case you haven’t watched the video already then we are embedding below for you to watch it again. Do watch the video and in comments let us know about your opinions, do you think that officer made no mistake in the confrontation?

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