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Cop Pulls Over Daughter’s Boyfriend to Teach Him a Lesson Without Warrant

Using a power for personal benefits, which is granted to protect people, is beyond pathetic and a policeman from Ohio just did that and got fired. The white policeman was under investigation, which found that he stopped her daughter’s coloured boyfriend without a traffic stop warrant.

John Kovach Jr. was kicked out of the police department last month for violating the department’s standards of conduct, which was concluded after an internal investigation by the department. He was caught red handed due to a bodycam video. In the video he yelled at the young guy to get out of the car and also told him that he was about to go to the jail. The young guy kept asking for the reason of his arrest, to which he did not say anything. He later detain both the guy and her daughter, both of them are at the age of consent, in his police vehicle. He was heard saying: “We’ll make (expletive) up as we go.

According to an official document, his actions were enough to dismiss him immediately and his actions were “an abuse of police authority and a serious departure from appropriate protocol…they are contrary to the mission, values and policies of the Lorain Police Department.

According to the official document, Kovach stopped the vehicle with a driver and three passengers in it, he did so without alerting the dispatch. After making the stop he told Makai Coleman, her daughter’s boyfriend, to get out of car and that he is in fact going to jail.

Have a seat in my car. We’ll make (expletive) up as we go,“ he said.

Kovach appears to be looking for his daughter, and doesn’t realize that she is one of the backseat passengers. He then asked about her daughter without realizing that she was in the backseat. His official report says that he tracked her daughter’s laptop because she was suicidal. But later he opened up to the police officers telling them that he didn’t think Coleman was a good person and that his daughter had been staying with him against his wishes, according to a report. He later found out that she was on the backseat and pulled her out of her car. The girl kept yelling that she was 18 and he can’t arrest her without a reason.

Why are you pushing me? Why are you doing this?“ she is heard screaming.

The investigation concluded that Kovach violated several of the department’s policies by making the traffic stop without a cause and failing to inform dispatch; for threatening to arrest Morales; for taking Coleman into custody and saying he would make up cause; and for using his police authority to locate his daughter. According to a report, department’s union is appealing.

Watch the video of the incident:

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