Cop choses police over modelling and rejects gateway to luxury life

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A very few people in life make bold decisions which change their life forever. These decisions can seem quite minor in nature to the others but the person taking such decisions understands the worth. Choosing fame, work and career are some hard decisions. Most people can not remain stiff on their decisions once they are offered money and fame. However, Adrienne Koleszar is a 34yo officer in Dresden. She chose duty over modelling. She had been travelling a lot during her past six months, she spent time travelling to Miami, New York, Dubai, Amsterdam and Cape Town. 

She announced her exit to her Instagram followers

This woman earned 643,000 Instagram followers with quite an ease. The travel photos and her fitness served as a motivation to a lot of people. She started sharing her photos. Eventually her bosses told her to choose between the modelling and her job. She finally made a decision and shared the video on her Instagram page. In the video which was shared to her followers she said, “I have been asked to cut down on my posts. I’ve made decision I’d be returning to the force.

In the video she said that she would be putting on uniform. She further added that she wasn’t removing her social media accounts. According to her she would be present on social media but would be dormant as compared to her previous six months. It appeared that she gave much thought to her decision.

She shared a picture of her in Instagram wearing uniform.

According to a newspaper, Adrienne earns a salary of €2,70, a month in her role. However, at moment it’s not clear how much she earns from modelling and sponsorship deals because of her modelling career.

The state of Saxony is facing a deficit of the police officers. Adrienne was needed to complete this deficit. She preferred to serve people than to follow the usual routine of becoming a model. Adrienne believes that sizeable social media following which she has garnered because of her modelling would never affect her sense of duty.

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