Cool iPhone Apps to Make Your Life Easier (One which you should install Right after Purchasing Your Iphone)

Technology makes your life a lot easier and fun if used in a right way. iPhone is one of the most used innovation of technology to aid in your daily life. With all the development, trend to be satisfied with the average rating is long gone and with the pace of life accelerated, there are a lot of add-ons and features that help us get the most out of our iPhone. There are bundles of iPhone apps when you visit the app store and with so many options, you might wonder what they do and how to choose the best suitable ones. Here are a few to make your life easier:


Instant messaging is now the fastest way to tell someone any small information like an address or a list of things to be bought from market. There are a lot of iPhone apps that allow the Instant messaging service and many people use more than one of them. One cool iPhone app, IM+ allows you to get the messages from all those apps at a single place. It saves the headache of having a lot of apps on your screen and switching between them making your life a lot easier.

iHandy Torch

Evil prevails in darkness and there can be a lot of problems when we don’t have a light around us. It seems quite terrifying but don’t panic! A simple yet cool iPhone app can save your life. With this app, you make your iPhone to be a torch for you and save you from all this. In addition to that, it helps a lot when you are just woken up and can’t reach the light as the mobile phone is mostly kept nearer than the lamp. You can just turn it on and save the fall or any accident with the things fallen on the floor.

Around Me

What if you move to a strange place and know nothing about the area and there are not much people to ask from? This really cool iPhone app can be your guide all the time. Whatever you need to know around the area, it tracks your location and then tells you about the restaurants, markets, hospitals, or whatever you desire to know in the area. – Dictionary & Thesaurus

English is a must know language now-a-days due to its international value and it being the official language of many countries around the world. This is not a hidden fact that we all come across many words that we don’t know or are not sure about. It is always nice to have someone who can tell us what that word means, it gives an internal satisfaction. You can have your companion in your pocket with this amazing online iPhone app. It tells you the meaning of the word as well as its synonym that you might be familiar with. It is a healthy way to learn the language as well to go through some words and know their use.

Run keeper

Young and athletic people are benefited the most by this particular iPhone app. Athletes can keep the record of their physical activities of running and jogging via this app. With this app, you can record your workout, distance walked, jogged or run. Other than that, it also provides the calories burned so that you can set a certain target and evaluate your performance as well. You can also share the details on social media. Targeted exercise is mostly recommended for the ones who have to lose some weight.

Social Apps

About all the social sites provide their iPhone app with their desktop versions now-a-days. They help people stay connected with each other and have some fun. Some of the most used apps are:


It is the most used app for video calling. The video calling is free and the quality of audio and video is way better than its competitors. All you need is a working internet plan and you can talk anywhere around the globe for free.


Facebook is a leading social networking site enabling you to make friends, upload your photos, update the status, life events and share whatever you wish with whoever you wish. Facebook messenger is also available for the Instant Messaging service of the site.


The larger video hosting site has a dedicated iPhone app that used to be a built-in app but then it was excluded from the package. With this dedicated app, ones having the iPhones without youtube built-in app can easily watch the videos they like and share with their friends.


Instagram is a photo sharing app that being used everywhere. It is originally an iPhone app that was then expanded to its other version including android and windows app. You can click any photo, apply some effects to make the photo more effective, tag your friends in that and add caption. You can also visit your friends’ profiles to see what they have shared as well as what they have liked recently. You can manage your profile as a private profile if you don’t want everyone to see what you have shared.


Whatsapp is the one of the top rated apps for Instant Messaging. It is a very cool iPhone app using which we can send a message anywhere for free. The only requirement is an internet connection. You can send not just text messages, but can send files, photos and videos. You can even record an audio message and send that to anyone you like. With the latest update, you can get the call feature as well. It also has a feature of group and broadcast that allows us to share anything with multiple people in a single go.