Will controlled Organic Reach Kill Facebook?

Facebook the top social media at the moment, where a lot of content is produced by the users in a second probably at a far more fast rate than any other website. The Facebook has grown exponentially for the last 5 years and its user base is continuously increasing. But despite this fact there are a lot of issues which Facebook is going to face in the near future and one of these issues is the “Control on organic reach of Brands and Pages“, in the last few months Facebook has done a lot of experimenting on the whole website specially the newsfeed which has harmed a lot of common people. If you are reading this article, up to this point then you might be already aware of this really big reach issue with facebook fanpages.

Facebook going to end soon

Social media is typically important for advertisers and the brands, like they are able to directly reach there fans to promote there product and also they are sure of this fact that there shared content will be available to all of the fans in no time. Thus, making social media much important than TV’s and radios because of it’s marketing approach. Facebook being the top animal in this social media race has thus monetized a lot of featured, including the reach one.

How controlled Organic Reach actually work over Facebook?

Suppose, you have liked a lot of pages. Now you have got one newsfeed, thus it may show you the most relevant content. For the same reason to cut on the spam facebook has tried something new, to filter out the posts from the facebook pages. This filtration works on:

  1. How often you like the posts from a specific source.
  2. How much is the like or share rate of a specific post from a brand

Now, the first way is quite dangerous, as most of the often people like the content but they don’t interact with it, because it is not worth to share with friends. Now, this means that in future the posts from same page are less unlikely to show in your newsfeed.

The second reason, is also dependent on the share rate. If you posted something which didn’t get much likes, then it will be only shown to 2k people out of 100k fans of the page, and the people other than 2k will not be able to get the post because the first group of people didn’t like it. Now, this can happen because of the wrong posting time, thus this has decreased the life of a facebook post.

Every person at Facebook is now Advertiser and this is going to kill Facebook:

You got a facebook fanpage related to your youtube channel, your website or else anything. You are a part of organization which just wants to reach to the organic fans of the page instead of trying to go viral by paying to Facebook. Now, this is not possible, you will need to keep in mind the new algorithm of facebook news feed. To Reach your own fans you will need to pay to the Facebook. Isn’t this foolishness? Every user is being treated at the advertiser? Pay $7 to reach to more people.

Surely, the Facebook is getting more centered in generating the revenue instead of forgetting the fact that people just want content from every page or source, despite having there news feed cluttered with the most viral content which is shared at a fast rate. The largest percentage of the shared content is of the babies, women or stuff like that, and according to the new news feed algorithm of the facebook, those posts which are not that much viral and are liked by the users, they will eventually start to disappear from the newsfeed. Thus, making your news feed clutter with just viral content and theĀ sponsoredĀ ads.

What is the conclusion ? Is Facebook really Going to End?

Conclusion is really simple:

  1. Fan page owners which produce content are now forced to pay, to reach to there own fans.
  2. Its the users which make facebook worthy, then why are the users forced to pay for a social network.
  3. Facebook is misleaded now, because of the reason that ads at the sidebar had a very very low click rate, thus to improve the revenue of the facebook the company is looking at the new ways.
  4. Facebook has really less support for page owners, for account holders and a common person can’t really reach to the reprsentatives. Most likely when you report or do something that is going to be rejected by the automatic servers.
  5. When normal people are forced to pay and news feed becoming cluttered with stupid content, hiding that content which people normally don’t like by pressing the like button then are you sure Facebook is going to be loved anymore? Answer me in comments.


  • Hey Wamiq,

    I wrote about this myself and although I realize that Facebook has now become all about making money it still makes me sad that they came up with the business pages for the sake of us reaching our audience but now are making us pay for it.

    I believe because Facebook now has over a billion users and their ad network apparently brings in a lot of money for them, since they went public it’s obvious that their main goal is to continue along those lines.

    I still believe though if you have a business page that you shouldn’t delete it because it is part of your brand and if you have loyal fans who look forward to what you share then you should keep posting on your page although with the intention of knowing only those few will more then likely see it.

    This was inevitable I’m afraid but a sad day for us all.


    • Thanks for dropping by your comment Adrienne!
      Pages now do have very less reach, specially in case of links, so you now need to be very conscious about what you share, if your share gets likes in the very start then there is possibility that it will be shown to more Fans, so this is the only solution at present. As you know social media is great to drive traffic to your blogs.

  • As far as I see it – only large corporations will constantly pay to bump their stories. Off course -they would like to have a good ROI for that so their posts will be just an advertisement. the result would be that the average user who wants to get updates from entertaining pages – wouldn’t get them any more (they will not pay) and instead he will get those bumped posts which will be just advertising .