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Conspiracy theorist claims Tupac is alive and spending life in Cuba

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There are many conspiracy theories in the world. These theories are born because of the cultures in which these are espoused. A specific theory can be a fact in one culture while it can be a blatant lie in the other, so one can never know. Micahel Nice who describes himself as a former security officer believes in one conspiracy theory. He says that Tupac is still alive and he could be smoking a cigar somewhere in Cuba.

Michael Nice was interviewed because of his claims. He said that he worked for a far-left political party. At some point in his life, he came across Tupac and helped him flee America. This was done in accordance with the orders given by that far-left party, The Black Panthers. Michael said that party command wanted to smuggle Tupac to a safe place.

It was me, my bother, the pilot, Tupac as the co-pilot and two Panther guys on the jet. (says Michael Nice while describing the expedition.)

Everyone knows that Tupac was gunned down. Michael starts his story from 7th September 1996. He said that The Black Panthers paid the hospital a heavy sum of money to get Tupac replaced with a deceased body. Later that day, he along with a bunch of other guys flew Tupac to a safe haven.

They all flew to Barbados according to Michael. Then the brother of Michael helped Tupac get to Cuba. His claims have caused a lot of controversies. Tupac had a lot of followers who simply loved him for his work. There are videos of Michael on Youtube where he makes other claims regarding the Tupac. Only time will tell if his version of story is correct or not. At moment, everyone knows that Tupac is no more between us.

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