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Conor Mcgregor wants a match with ‘Hollywood Actress’ Mark Wahlberg, as he calls him out

Just days after the guy has announced his retirement, he has challenged the famous Hollywood actor, Mark Wahlberg. This move is quite strange as McGregor is a professional mixed martial artist. He is also a champion of the former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight. This makes his pretty much skillful as compared to the Hollywood actor. Mark is 47 years old and there is no matching of him with Conor. This is strange and quite an unequal challenge. Why would Conor do this is still incomprehensible.

The fans of Mark seem to be excited as they believe that if something like this happens then it would make a pretty good show for the television. They say that if Mark somehow manages to act like he did in the movie The Fighter then he would be able to give an epic match to Conor McGregor. 

The readers might be trying to find a reason behind the bizarre offer which McGregor has made to the Hollywood actor. Nothing in this world happens without a cause, there always is a distant cause. Is there any possibility that McGregor and Mark are going through a years old beef. This should be made clear that there is nothing like this happening between the two. Their relations are pretty normal. However, Wahlberg shares a lot in the UFC and it appears that McGregor has been eyeing up on those shares and gains.

I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Walhberg next.
A fight for all the shares! (wrote Conor McGregor on Twitter)

Wahlberg is 23 celebrity clients which UFC owners WME-IMG have invited to invest in the company after the $4 billion takeover. McGregor had made this clear in the past that he wanted the UFC owners to give him shares in the platform and company. McGregor didn’t sit tight after making the first tweet, he made another tweet and in this tweet he threatened the four brothers. He said that this wouldn’t be the first time he would out-throw 4 brother. He admitted that he had done similar things in the past. Some fan had pointed that McGregor shoudl watch 4 brothers and change his mind.


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