Conor McGregor has announced sudden retirement from MMA after controversial UFC match

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The well known and popular Irish mixed martial arts fighter has announced a sudden retirement from a successful career which he had built over the years. The news came after he had lost a controversial UFC match which he had played against Khabib Nurmagomedov. This match had taken place in Las Vegas and apparently Conor had much anticipations regarding his win in this particular title-race. This means that the 21yo has ended his career with a magnificent winning count of 21 matches and four defeats. The guy has faced much controversies during his career and at moment he is still suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his part in a brawl which broke out because of Conor’s apprehensions regarding Nurmagomedov.

He made a tweet to inform the world regarding his retirement from the game

The MMA star made a tweet to make his fans aware about the move which he had planned regarding his career. He decided to formally retire from the sports type which is called as Mixed Martial Art. The tweet proved to be a sad thing for a lot of his fans who wanted to watch him more playing the matches. Many people were just not anticipating that Conor would give up on his career in such a sudden manner.

McGregor had quite a thrilling career as a MMA fighter. He also got charged by the police because of his mischievous behaviour. It appeared in the case of McGregor that the sky was the only limit for his notoriety. Earlier this month, the guy was also arrested in Florida after he reportedly snatched a smartphone from his fan and smashed it into pieces.

This is also worth mentioning that in the past he had released such a tweet before. When he had lost a match in 2016, the match which he played against Nat Diaz, he had made a tweet that he plans to retire young. However, he was back in the game. This time he has made quite a substantial tweet which appears to be final in nature.

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