Conor McGregor deletes a tweet about the Khabib’s wife

It’s a well known decision of Conor McGregor as he has announced his retirement from the MMA. The fans are not ready to accept this behaviour of McGregor, they are pretty much offended that their favorite player has taken an exit from the sports. However, there is a particular group which is saying that this decision of McGregor is not long standing, as he had announced something similar in the past but never took a hold of his decision. The fans can only hope that this may be true and he might not remain interested in remaining retired forever.

Just after the news of the retirement, Conor McGregor made another move, according to which it appears that he has actually retired from the sports. The player has deleted a tweet about the Khabib’s wife. Further, he made a tweet on 3 April, days after his retirement announcement which shows that the guy is still interested in making a comeback. The guy called out his opponent in a new move.

He wrote in the tweet, “Don’t be scared of the rematch you little scurrying rat. You will do what you are told like you always do.” This means that he is still interested in a rematch with his arch rival Khabib. McGregor had in the past made a tweet regarding the wife of the Khabib. In that tweet he had called his wife as towel, which was a strange move. The guy recently deleted that photo which included two pictures from the Nermagomedov’s wedding day. MMA Junkiehas reported that McGregor had deleted the post 15 minutes after making the tweet.

We don’t know why he deleted the picture, however it is assured that it was for best. Khabib’s manager was not happy as he pointed out that by calling Khabib’s wife as towel, McGregor was calling out 1.5 bn Muslims which wasn’t a good thing.

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