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Congressman uses air horn to teach Trump official lesson who claims seismic testing won’t harm whales

Written by Logical Men

The world has transformed in every 200 years, in the long distant past the order of the King was deemed holly and final in nature. Today, the world has shifted towards democracy in which the selected representatives of the people try to talk out differences and propose the opinions of the general public in a meeting. The journey from aristocracy to democracy was not an easy task and it took two world wars to make the humanity understand the power of liberty. In the contemporary world. there are two economic powers United States and China, meanwhile as compared to military power there is only one hegemon which is America. The United States is the country which spends the most money on its military. Similary, America is also thought to be bastion of democracy. 

Recently, during a hearing in which dangers of seismic testing was presented as an agenda as experts fear that this might harm the whales. The Rep. Joe Cunningham was the congressman who used an air horn to make a point that since air horn was harmful to the ears of the meeting attendants then in the similar manner the seismic testing was also harmful for the whales. The Trump’s administration official had reiterated again and again that the air-guns usage in the sea would not harm whales, as these air-guns are used to find oil and gas. Whales use echolocation to communicate and spend their daily life. They use it to find their kids. The democrats are against these testing which are allowed to five companies so that they may conduct tests in the sea. Just for sake of making a point, Democrat Cunningham decided to make the attendees a little uncomfortable by blowing a air-horn.

It’s true that seismic air-guns used in sea pose a problem to Whales, asked Cunningham. Oliver replied that he never experienced the seismic waves. Cunningham decided to use air-horn to give Oliver a flavour.

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