Configuring Antivirus to work with college/university Proxy

In most of the organizations and the schools, universities proxy servers are configured which act as a bridge between you and the internet. And one of the most irritating problem is to make use of proxy settings everywhere in the applications to give those applications the internet access. Antivirus is the most important part of the computer which helps you to remain safe at the public networks. Thus, updating your antivirus is a must in the college, university or at the work. Let’s see that how can you configure your antivirus to make it work with the proxy. In my case I have used the eset smart security!

You need to know the proxy server ip address and the browsing port:

First you need to get the ip address for the proxy server and also the port at which the browsing has been configured to work. Suppose the ip address is somethin like: and the browsing port is 8080. So, lets configure the eset smart security to be updated with these settings!

If you have not configured the proxy settings for the eset then you may get this error: Error connecting to the update server, eset smart security can’t be updated. Thus, lets resolve this error.

Updating Eset Smart security through proxy server:

Open up your eset smart security and click on the setup at the left pane. At the end of the setup page you will see “Enter Advanced Setup“, Click on that!

Update eset with proxy

After that expand the update panel as shown in the above screenshot. There you click on the “Update” sub menu, and you will see the settings like in the above screen shot. Sometimes the username and password for your eset smart security are not valid, in this case you can purchase the license and can put the username and password here in this update setting menu.

Let’s set the proxy now! First of all clear the cache, and then open “Setup“. You will see the windows like this:

Eset Smart Security Proxy Setting

Here click on the “HTTP Proxy” and here you can easily put your proxy settings, like what so ever your college or it department has shared the ip and port settings with you, you can put and press ok. That’s it now you can easily update your eset smart security.

Applying proxy setting to whole eset:

Still if you can’t update your eset smart security then you can follow these steps. In the same “Advanced Settings” this time expand “Tools” and click on the “proxy server” , define your proxy settings here and press “OK“. So, you are done, now your eset should work at the best.

What if you got any other antivirus?

If you got any other antivirus then simply get through the settings and then find any area where you may get the proxy settings, since almost all the antivirus have the proxy settings to be used with them. And when you find the area where proxy can be used just put in the IP and the port. If your ISP gave you the username and password then you can also use that! That’s it!

Happy Safe Internet and Computer….