Company creates Satirical T-Shirts that portray men the way society portrays women

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The world at the moment is in a transitional phase regarding gender parity. The women in past were not given equal rights. They started to stand for themselves in order to get their rights identified by their male counterparts. Gradually, these women not only obtained their rights but also started to become independent. Today, there are many women who have successfully become independent, however, many women still need the required support for accomplishing their dream of independency.

Company switches place of men and women using T-Shirts art

Man Who Has it All is a social media influencer which has accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The people behind this account often reverse the roles of men and women. They do this switching of roles in order to help their viewers delve into an alternate idea. In a recent campaign, they shifted the roles of men and women using the arts shown on t-shirts. Their social media account on Facebook has around 400k followers.

The manager and designers behind Man Who has it All are attempting to end the gender disparity in the world. Though ending gender disparity is not an easy task. However, the team looks determined.

Boredpanda has reported that the brain behind these ideas of t-shirts is of a working dad. He has taken these ideas of t-shirts beyond the social media. The materialised idea of these t-shirts can be found at this webpage.

Over the time, this dad has earned the respect of various people. Eventually these people transformed into his fans. Tania is a business woman who praises the ideas of this dad. She supports his ideas of promoting gender parity because gender disparity is something she faced in past. She said when she started her business she used to get comments like, “shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?

You can view detailed art of this guy at Boredpanda.

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