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6 Common excuses for being late at work

Being late is one of the most committed bad habit in the world and the late comers can come up with a lot of interesting and unique excuses for being late. There are indeed some emergency situations one experiences in the life and they can be excused. But the problem arises when those people develop and habit of being late after being excused a couple of times of more. Where on one hand a lot of people are habitual of being late and giving their excuses, there are some common excuses people make to get rid of the lecture or a bundle of advises being offered in free by the ones on higher posts. From the student life, to being an employee of a renowned organization, following are some excuses for being late and if you are one of the ones making them, and want to get rid of it, some remedies are provided here.

1- Struck in Traffic

A very common excuse that you get to hear everywhere is being struck in traffic. Every second person using his/her own transport is eligible to make this excuse and it is true in many cases. There is no hard fast rule that traffic follows. There can an empty road on your way some days and the same road at that same time can be blocked. If you want to get out of the category of making excuses for being late, one healthy remedy that you can adopt is to start your journey with some time to spare as there is no harm in reaching the workplace earlier. You can also get some extra time to settle yourself in the office.

2- Got Up Late

A major problem throughout the student life is not being able to get up on time and failing to do so is very common as there are a lot of reasons for this and people don’t always follow the golden rule of early to bed and early to rise. Everyone has a personal life and that in many cases leads to late night stays at some place or staying awake just in your bed. All this disturbs the routine to fulfill the requirement of your body to sleep and rest. To avoid this being a part of your routine, you can either fulfill your body’s demand by sleeping earlier or if you can’t do that, you can set a set of alarms to wake you up in time to reach your destination. If this fails you after a week or so, try changing the alarm tone after a while to surprise your mind.

3- Bus/Car Broke Down

Having such an issue seems to be out of control of anyone. It can happen to anyone and the individual cannot be held responsible for such a happening. Machines can fail you anytime without warning and that can harm you sometimes. Since it is not in anyone’s control, to avoid such an incident, you can simply have an alternate to your routine. Having a knowledge of different public transport routes and timing can save you from this mishap. If your personal car breaks down and you are in a hurry to reach your office, you can take a taxi or life to go there and if you are not in such a hurry, you can take public transport. If one bus malfunctions, you can always take another one without wasting your time.

4- Couldn’t Find Laundry

There is a dress code in every organization and failing to be within that can be harmful sometimes. This requirement of that organization finds itself among the excuses for being late at work. Being late to work is less harmful than being out of the dress code defined and one excuse you can use is the unavailability of dress in time. You might have put your laundry somewhere and not reaching that spot at time to find. To avoid this, you can keep a track of time and develop a habit to put your laundry at a specific point in your house and iron them in time.

5- Had Power Issue

With all the technology and fast pace life style, we are very much dependent on electricity. Almost all the things of our daily use are aided or fully run on electricity and an easy way to ruin our day is to cut our power off. The problem of load shedding is common in some areas whereas it can happen due to any sudden failure in supply system anytime. This is one of the most used excuses for being late in the areas with a regular shortfall and sometimes in other areas if something happens like that. The best solution to this problem is to have an alternate if the problem occurs often. You can have your power from a charged source or from a generator run on common fuels.

6- Medical Emergency

“Health is wealth” is a very well-known fact of life and it can be seen to be true everywhere around the globe. A healthy person can gain advantages in every field of life and to gain a healthy life, you have to sacrifice certain wishes and fantasies. You can have a medical issue waking up any day and the reason can be what you did the night before that. An example is that you enjoy the weekend with your friends and get up with your head spinning on Monday morning. The hangover can cause small problems like nausea, headache and others like that getting you late for work. This little emergency is one of the most used excuses for being late in professional life and it imparts a very negative image. To avoid that, you can simply make your plans according to your responsibilities and be in control to avoid such events.

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