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Colorado Cops fooled innocent elderly couple & sold their car after taking it as an evidence

Written by Wamiq Ali

Colorado Cops got busted in try to sell the innocent elderly woman’s car. They took the car as an evidence and then tried to auction the car. The woman came in time and busted the police for their wrong doing. They could no longer sell her car.

This happened in Pueblo, Colorado.

80-year-old woman’s car was stolen in June and she reported the theft to the police. The car got recovered after the cops stepped in and found the thief. The car which went missing due to theft was “Ford Crown Victoria”. Mary Antrim and her husband Clyde had reported to the police about the possible theft. Police found that the car was stolen from their residential neighbourhood in Pueblo.

Free thought project, a media outlet interviewed Mrs Antrim and she said, “I need my car for my doctors’ appointments that I have to go.” She further added, “That’s my transport and it helps me move to where ever I need to go.

The car later got recovered and it was held by the Police. The Police held the car because it was an evidence in a suspected robbery. Mrs. Antrim said, “I’ve called them every week to find out where the car is at and what’s going on with the car. No one has called me back.”

The couple being interviewed

Mrs Antrim realised that something was fishy at the Police end. The statement that car got recovered and later too much time being taken for the delivery to rightful owners was telling a different story.

She later began searching online and found that the Police were not planning to return her car. In addition to this, she also found that her car was being planned to be sold in an auction.

I was dumbfounded,” Antrim said. “I thought how in the world can the car go from being on hold for evidence and now it’s on hand and being ready to go to auction. I couldn’t believe that.

Later Police got approached by the media. The Police said that they had issued a letter to Mrs Antrim about the claim of the vehicle otherwise it would be sold in an auction. However, the KOAA news noted that it was postmarked until July 11, the same day when media started to cover the story.

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