College students Must know these 14 Amazing Websites

New websites and apps are being added every day resulting in so many of them nowadays that it can be extremely hard to separate the useless from the useful. That is why we have decided to do this for you.

If you’re a new student you’ll be required to learn a lot of new information quickly or get stuck being clueless, money less, and generally jumbled about independent student life.

That is where your internet comes in, it is rich with student resources and information about everything, where learning about things that your parents never showed you (or you weren’t interested in understanding at the time) is really helpful, such as budgeting your money, or learning to arrange an overdraft with your bank. There are also simple things like ironing your clothes without leaving behind an iron-shaped pattern. Briefly, all the student resources, tricks, tips and tutorials are available online for your consumption.

To help to make your student life that little bit easier from day one, below is a categorized list of useful student websites and online resources.

#1 UnplugTheTV.com (College)

This site bargains a substitute to TV (and, regrettably, studying), hosting random videos on engaging scientific topics.

Visit Website: http://unplugthetv.com

#2 Glassdoor  (College)

Glassdoor is a nice app helping you choose which companies you should and shouldn’t be working for if you’re eyeing an internship or your first job after graduation.

There is a feature to gather data on companies on their ratings by current or past employees, find out salaries for particular jobs, and also apprise how the interview process goes to different companies.

This great access to the information will provide you a head start from the competition.

There is also a search feature for available internships and jobs; so this site is truly a stop shop for people looking for work.

Visit Website: http://glassdoor.com

#3 Flvto  (College)

This is a great app that students can utilize to afford a cool method of listening to video presentations while traveling, even if they don’t have Wi-Fi access, or your data plans are almost out of credit.  So what do you do if you find an urgent requirement to create an essay about the “Color blind or color brave?” TED talk, well, just plug in the URL into Flv to and keep listening on the go.

Visit Website: http://flvto.com

#4 Slack  (College)

This is a great website to improve the communication efforts for not only business people but students too. It can also integrate with DropBox facility, it can also keep your way point while you jump around different applications, and it unites teams, so there is efficient, open communication for project partners and study groups – slack.com

Visit Website: http://slack.com 

#5 Study Hall  (College)

Initially, Study Hall was as a place for connecting classmates and learning but it has since then become a place for finding internships for students.

Study Hall joins great companies with student interns. If you’re fancying yourself an internship in the market, this will be a worthwhile signup for you.

Visit Website: http://mystudenthalls.com 

#6 StudyBlue  (College)

If you want a place for online flashcards, studying tools, and the ability to major any subject, and then StudyBlue is the website for you.

The StudyBlue’s tools, which have already been taken advantage of by millions of students, enable you to incorporate your equation, text and images, create flashcards and take notes.

There is also a mobile app version for taking your studies on the go.

Visit Website: http://studyblue.com 

#7 UReddit.com  (College)

The Reddit website is among the most popular forums online, but do you know about UReddit? UReddit is used for hosting lesson and courses made by the public and can also be used to help newbies learn scientific principles, programming or even languages.

Visit Website: http://ureddit.com 

#8 EssayTyper  (College)

EssayTyper is one of those websites that claims to use the blend of magic and Wikipedia (?) for helping students create essays quickly – but there is also a warning for not using it legitimately. At the most, the site can be used as a fuel for imaginations needing to be rewritten – heavily – for obtaining a passing grade.

Visit Website: http://essaytyper.com 

#9 Hack College

With the help of this website, students can find the articles written especially from the viewpoint of their campus-life dilemmas.

Visit Website: http://hackcollege.com 

#10 EdX.org  (College)

This website is one of the leading MOOC platforms of the world. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are presented free of cost to anyone who yearns to learn. Few other good MOOC providers are AcademicEarth.org, Udacity.com, Codeacademy.com, and Coursera.org.

Visit Website: http://edx.org 

#11 The Ultimate Health Food Guide  (College)

This is a lifeboat for student life at times when one feels depressed, stressed or the sick. Whatever your illnesses, stopover ay this website to find out how to build your immunity and vigor back up, through the use of a healthy diet.

Visit Website: http://livinggrneenmag.com 

#12 Ebay.com  (College)

The well-established site eBay enables you to sell or auction off or buy nearly everything, including electronic devices, antiques, sports goods and clothing. This is very handy if you’re on a tight student budget, or you need some bargains.

Visit Website: http://ebay.com 

#13 Unigo  (College)

This is one of those website that provides you with abundant reviews of colleges and universities so you can make a better decision for your future studies.

Visit Website: http://unigo.com 

#14 Poetry.RapGenius.com  (College)

An outgrowth of Rap Genius, Lit Genius is a forum of sorts where scholars come together as a community to explain literature and poetry, both recent and classic. This is so very helpful for English literature students.

Visit Website: http://poetry.RapGenius.com 


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