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College Student Sues Woman with $6m Lawsuit FOR destroying his life

A New Jersey man’s life has been destroyed because of false allegations against him made by a female. The man wants the damages paid amounting to $6 million. Anyone might call this a huge fine. However, the degree of damages can be estimated once complete detail about the incident is provided.

Catherine Reddington had alleged against Alex Goldman for acting against her chastity. She made strange and murky allegations against Goldman and assassinated his character. The girl wrote on Facebook that Mr. Goldman took her forcefully into the bedroom of Syracuse University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity after they both attended a party in April 2017.

She later went to the police and also reported the incident to the university administration. Further, she also posted details of her brutal assault on the Facebook with every minute description inside. The social media has become a big tool for the voice of helpless. However, there are certain people who are also misusing this power.

I woke up in Goldman’s bed confused […] – Wrote Miss Catherine Reddington

The Turning Point:

A month after the detailed reports of the incident were released. According to this technical reports, no evidence of the assault was found. The medical examination after such an incident is to be done within 26 hours. Miss Reddington followed the rule but the results say otherwise.

Investigators further found that she had no memory about the night of the incident, on getting her statement. Upon further investigation, they could not find any further evidence of the reported incidents. The two engineering majors woke up clothed and had no memory about the last night.

The Result:

Since investigators found that it was impossible to corroborate the reported facts thus they said that there was no credible proof to support Miss Reddington claims. Thus, Goldman was never charged.

However, the character of Reddington had been assassinated on Facebook. Such a thing could not be reversed, once something goes viral on the internet, there is no coming back.

The Facebook posts had resulted in a strained relationship of Reddington with his employer and family. Miss Catherine Reddington had also used the #metoo hashtag on the social media to gain more momentum. Thus, Goldman has sued her for a $6m lawsuit.

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