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College girl makes “Rules” Boyfriend must obey before giving him “Christmas Gift”

Rules are made by the governments and for a specific reason to serve a particular purpose in order to force people remain disciplined but it does not mean that a certain rule is a perfect solution to a particular problem. Rules are defined by the elected members of the state and those members are the chosen and ones.

This girl has also defined certain rules for her boyfriend and it is customary for him to follow, all of them, before even thinking to get a gift for the Christmas Eve. Isn’t it a bit of awkward to hear news like these? Simple solution here for the guy is to obey the rules and get the gift!

This girl has already shown enough of a red flag and anyone wise enough will not prefer to indulge in an argument on the rules-thing with her because it seems like that she is going to win it every time.

The gamers from all around the world are talking against this girl for throwing a gauntlet. Those gamers (most of them) never had an experience of relationship but are still suggesting this dude to run away from such a relationship. We often come across quite a lot of updates from gamers who share their girlfriends’ rant, telling them not to waste money on the Call of duty.

This student gave her boyfriend a Christmas Present and along with it accompanied a crazy contract which was to limit the guy his daily quota of available time for playing video games. Ashley Davison bought her boyfriend Blake Perry a gift which was a new copy of Call of Duty but along with it was an insane list of rules which he had to sign before receiving his new game.
The rule number one was to make sure that she gets enough attention & time and the second rule was for the guy to seek permission before trying to play video games when the girl happens to be at home. The other insane rule included her text messages to be replied within 11 minutes. Blake decided to sign the contract but he later shared the picture of the contract on the social media with a caption

Little does she know these rules will be broken.

Blake’s post has received quite a lot of attention and it has been liked for over 31000 times on the social media as it was shared on 25th of December and the post is currently getting mixed response from different people but quite a lot of people are labelling Ashley who is studying in University of Oklahoma as insane and crazy. There were other people who actually raised the girl and said that the girl is indeed wise.

According to the ‘Dude Comedy’ the following lines are present on the agreement which can be actually seen in the picture, now this kind of behaviour reminds me of overly attached girlfriend which became really famous a few years back.

  1. If I call you must pause the game and talk to me with full attention
  2. No starting another match if we are planning to hang out or I ask to hang out
  3. You must ask if it is okay for you to play while I am over at your house with you. Make sure I have something to do while you are in battle.
  4. You must reply to a text no longer than 11 minutes
  5. Do not forget to give me just as much attention.

People actually started to relate Ashley with the overly attached girlfriend on the Twitter. Here are some of the top handpicked responses from the people.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

There were other tweets which regarded the entire situation as truly pathetic. They couldn’t just engulf someone asking for certain rules to be followed for an exchange of a Christmas present. There was some serious suggestion for Blake from people who happened to be in similar condition.

One of them wrote, ‘no bro I have been through this before and she wants you to think it is a joke but in reality, if you do not follow those rules then she will go angry on you.’

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