Code Lobster – An amazing alternate to the famous IDEs and Code Editors

Hardly there is any software which offers all in one functionality, there are certain supplements
which are needed to better the workflow and expedite the output. Code Lobster is a bit different
when it comes to unique approach and solution providing. Developers are well versed with IDEs
and Code Editors since they use such softwares on a day to day basis.
A little background on my requirements will not hurt the readers, I have to use IDEs and portable
softwares to maximise my workflow since there are often pending development projects and
scripts which are needed to be coded on the go, as required by different situations. Anything slow
and buggy is not something I like because it itself can make you loose a large portion of time.
Code Lobster is something which is reliable and it offers you a trial of 30 days letting you judge
its ingenuity.

The best points which makes it stand out as compared to other IDEs:
WordPress – It offers WordPress installation just inside the IDE. You need to have the
prerequisites installed on your system. When I first tried installing WordPress I encountered
an error, the SQL was not available in the system. Once I installed the SQL modules on my
laptop, Code Lobster was good to go. It offers similar approach for other CMS like
Magento, Joomla and Drupal.

  • Code Suggestions – I created my first HTML page using the main interface. I created a CSS
    file and immediately I could see some suggestions pouring in, the auto competition feature
    was just love.
  • Structured Layout – Above everything the layout was structured, an easy approach to
    navigate between different files of the project just like eclipse. The worst thing a programmer
    faces is to find the related files inside the project. The tree structure browsing pane mounted
    on the left side of the Code Lobster is neat and helpful.
  • FTP/SFTP Module – Inside the Code Lobster you’ll be able to find the FTP/SFTP modules
    with which you can instantly make your files in draft to go online. No need to go to another
    software while working with the code.
  • Color Picker – One amazing thing I noticed was the color picture option as soon as I
    entered the Hex value of the grey color. Such a suggestion is neat if you don’t know the hex
    code of the required color.
  • Easy Installation – The installation procedure was easy, download the package from Code
    Lobster website and get your free key from the website. They’ll email you the key to your
    provided email. Once the software installs just activate it using the key.
  • File Browser – Yes it has a tree browser, if you see the above screenshot then you might be able to see that in the left pane there are icons like My Computer etc. Well, in the same pane you can switch to project files view and then you can browse through the project files.
  • WordPress, Joomla Modules  – Yes, you can install WordPress and other PHP CMS directly inside the Code Lobster, but you’ve to install SQL server inside your laptop first. With all the prerequisites, go and install any CMS with CodeLobster, the supported CMS list is ever expanding.

Download CodeLobster