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CNN producers and High-ups caught on tape admitting that “Russia story” is about ratings and agenda, not journalism

Journalism is a sacred duty but unfortunately, some media groups forget this and get into a materialistic approach. False reporting sometimes happens because of certain channel urge to get high on ratings. Only governments can uproot the false reporting but again we don’t want to go into dark ages by totally locking down free and open journalism.

A video of CNN producer got leaked some hours ago where he was caught saying a lot of things about Russian controversy and Trump. It was revealed by the producer discussions that the whole Russian Leaks were actually for the channel ratings. The propaganda was created just to give a boost to viewership.

A Project Veritas journalist asked CNN producer, “Why is CNN constantly promoting, Russia this and Russia that?”

The producer replied, “Because it’s ratings”. Video alleged John Bonifield speaking behind as the face wasn’t shown in the first video and merely voice could be heard, the producer in the video further added, “Our ratings are incredible at this moment”.

In the second video, the producer can be seen while PV journalist asks, “But honestly, is the whole Russia shit like that? Bullshit?

The next video actually showed the producer, the PV journalist asked if the whole Russia story was a bullshit. The producer replied that it could be bullshit but at moment they (CNN) didn’t have any giant proof. It was even reported that the CEO of CNN said in an internal meeting,

Good job everyone, we are done covering climate accord, let’s just focus on Russia and get back to Russia.

You can watch the video and decide yourself, I think it’s time we also start using some common sense to believe on news sources.

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