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CIA agent caught selling information to China

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Nationalism is a right of every individual when it comes to sovereignty and defence of his country. Citizens and dwellers of a country who are patriotic to their nation don’t think to sabotage the interests of their country. In order to find out people who are acting against the interests of a country, almost every government in the world has developed spying agencies to gather the required intel. CIA is one such agency which has a lot on plate when it comes to the national security of America.

Recently, one CIA officer was arrested because he was involved in selling sensitive information to China. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and was issued a charge sheet for spying against America. It can be a starting point of an alarming trend among the some black sheeps who attempt to sell their national interests for sake of money. 

Kevin Mallory who is 62 years old was booked under the Espionage Act for selling classified US “defence information” to the Chinese intelligence agency through a Chinese agent. CIA operative got $25,000 in return as he made a deal during his trips to Shanghai. The CIA operative obtained the money in exchange for the classified information which he provided to the Chinese agent. Kevin Mallory has served in the US army and he speak Mandarin without any trouble. The acquired skills of Kevin Mallory helped him seal the deal.

It’s worth knowing that Officer Mallory is one of the several US officials who had a high-level security clearances arrested and charged with espionage charges. Chinese have learned how to buy their way into the CIA. A former diplomat, Candace Marie Claiborne joined the same club when she pleaded guilty to receiving money from Chinese officials for sake of giving them US documents.

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