Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan tease Rush Hour 4 once again

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Rush Hour 4 is the kind of movie which is in the waiting list of a lot of people. The related people of Rush Hour four had in the past teased another sequel of the famous movie. However, leaving behind the old teaser, let’s talk about the newer one. Actor Chris Tucker along with his co-star Jackie Chan has shared a picture on his Instagram account. This picture hinted another sequel of the movie Rush Hour 3. The last part was released in 2007 and now fans are waiting eagerly for another part to get released.

In the teaser, the two actors were seen holding up four fingers as they hinted at a possible sequel to the 2007’s Rush Hour 3. The post stirred the emotions of the fans who were eagerly waiting for the movie’s sequel. 

This martial arts-comedy picture was released way back in 1998. Since then it has earned quite a number of fans. The first movie starts with a plot of investigation in which the kidnapping of consulate’s daughter is being questioned. This case later forms the duo which made itself hit on the cinema screens.

Previous reports indicated that the shooting of the movie might take place in Moscow. A television adapted version was also aired in 2016 which was cancelled because it earned low ratings. It was cancelled after a single season.

With the two actors teasing another sequel of the movie, the hopes of the fans have become high. They have now started to believe that the movie might be in production. Nothing is official so far, however it does appear that the duo is reuninting for the filming or for making an appearance in the new movie sequel. This has been judged by the recent picture which was shared on the Instagram.

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