Chinese scientist claims of creating Genetically Modified Babies, can prevent AIDS as well

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China is definitely striving hard to get a hold of the international trade and one proof of this is the American sanctions. China is drifting the world into another Thucydides trap. America blamed China for reverse engineering everything and then selling it to the outside world with its label. The West is against the “Made in China 2025” plan which has been proposed by Xi Jin Ping, the Chinese President.

Chinese scientists claims of editing Genes

A Chinese scientist has claimed of editing genes of a new born baby. He claims to have invented a new powerful gene-editing methodology. This technology helps in producing genetically modified human babies. The scientist is from the Southern University of Science and Technology named Jiankui. He said that human embryo was modified after the woman conceived resulting into a modified baby. He used this technique to create twin girls, according to his statement.

Two beautiful little Chinese girls name Lulu and Nana came crying into the world as healthy as any other babies a few weeks ago. The babies are home now with their mom Grace and their dad Mark.

said Jiankui in a video released online

The scientist claimed that his team edited the embryos with right surgery. This embryo was created from the sperm and eggs of the parents. The children father was HIV positive and this gene was suppressed in the new embryo to immune the children. The doorway which makes HIV possible was removed through this gene editing technique. 

The announcement was made at the Second International Summit on Human Gene Editing in Hong Kong. Other experts criticized the claim of the scientist and were skeptical if the technique was applied properly.

Havard geneticist made comments on this discovery

George Church who is a geneticist at Havard made comments on this discovery. He said that this might be similar and analogous to the Louise Brown in 1978, the first baby created through in-vitro fertilization. However, he added that the healthy children from this technique might prove to be a major mile stone. 

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