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Chinese government orders all North Korean firms to halt and close operations in 120 days

Written by Wamiq Ali

North Korea gets a blow from China. The Chinese government following the UN opprobrium gives North Korean companies a shutdown call. The decision was followed by the Pyongyang nuclear experiments which indirectly berated U.S. government.

The ban is the result of the UN sanctions on North Korea. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the 120 days operation limit for North Korean companies and joint ventures. After 120 days none of the North Korean companies will be allowed to operate in China and this will turn the situation to turmoil for North Korea.This move was made after an intense pressure from the international elements on China to ban its neighbour. Beijing had already contributed towards calamitous circumstances by disallowing banks to transact with the North Korean regime.

China is one of the major trading partners of North Korea. The decision of China under the international pressure shows that they too are getting frustrated with North Korean decisions and Kim Jong Un’s rule. This week North Korea at UN speech said that they have every right to hit down US bomber planes in or outside the boundaries of US. The North Korea had also warned the US with Intercontinental missiles work which was declared by critics as “Faux Pas”.

The Independent reported the Tump’s message, “We are totally prepared for the second option, not a preferred option. But if we take that option, it will be devastating, I can tell you that, devastating for North Korea. That’s called the military option. If we have to take it, we will.” The Pentagon is also supporting Trump with the provision of other options to deal with North Korea.

Tiān’anmēn Square near the Chinese Senate House

UN Security Council had voted unanimously on Sept 12 to increase impose sanctions on North Korea.

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