Chinese boy with cancer was made to sit alone in school as teacher took him contagious

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Children learn a lot in their initial years of life. They are observing everything and with the passage of time these observations become a permanent part of their personality. Human beings are amazing because they are pliant in nature. Once a shift in paradigm happens, they change but bringing this shift in paradigm is a hard job. Thus, children must be dealt with care because once they become a hard-liner it is hard to revert them to their innocence.

A Chinese boy made to sit alone in his school

A Chinese boy was forced to sit alone in his school. This wasn’t for sake of some punishment instead he was diagnosed with cancer and the less educated teacher thought that as cancer was contagious so the kid must be seated alone.

Imagine the kind of turmoil which the child went through as he was isolated from the rest of the class. This must have left some deepening effects on the psyche of the kids. These effects must be negative in nature.

This 13-year-old kid was diagnosed with cancer a year back. He suffers from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Since then this kid was made to sit alone in the school for avoiding any negative effects on the fellow children.

What about the exams? – Was he allowed to sit?

The discrimination against the kid didn’t stop at isolating him from the rest of the class.He was even not allowed to sit in the exams with fellow students. This is something quite strange as news of this sort is for the first time being published. It hasn’t happened anywhere before. The kid must be feeling quite bad about himself, cursing his disease every second, forgetting that it’s the society which is diseased, not the kid himself.

The teacher paid for the discrimination

The identity of the teacher is unknown however the teacher was made to pay for what was done to the innocent kid. This primary school teacher was suspended once the authorities came to know about the inhumane treatment ensued against the kid.

The parents of the kid also changed the school. They transferred him to some better school. The parents were not aware with the situation until they observed that for a year they didn’t receive any result from his school.

All is well that ends well, the kid is now happy!

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