China installs water PISTOLS to punish people trying to cross road ILLEGALLY

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Jaywalking is a huge issue in China, as it is the lead cause of accidents in the country. China has tried to counter this problem through water sprays that are installed on the roadsides.

Short thick yellow posts are equipped with facial recognition technology, which punishes jaywalkers upon them trying to cross the posts on red lights.

The latest tech is developed to stop the pedestrians from crossing the red lights.
A viral video shows the four yellow bollards in action, they are roughly 1.6 feet tall, installed at the pavement in Daye of Hubei Province.

Jaywalk Punishment

‘It is now green light, please cross and be careful,’ the voice message plays.
When the traffic light turns red, the bollard will say: ‘You are running red lights now. Please do not cross, it is dangerous.’

There are lights on the bollards along with the water spray. It shows red and green light to tell the pedestrian when it’s safe to cross the road.

A local investment technology invested 1.3 million yuan in this technology.
Some people got scared when they got sprayed after an attempt at jaywalking but some got themselves sprayed just out of curiosity.

According to Xinhua, the bollards will only spray water when a person attempts to jaywalk.
Any person trying to cross the red light will also have their face snapped onto the large screen near the crossing. Their image will also be sent to the police department for the identification.

‘This installation is a good idea! At least it can deter people from jaywalking and hopefuls less traffic incidents happen in the future,’ one citizen told Xinhua.
According to a traffic police officer, Wu Jin, the system is still in its beta phase. For now, traffic police officers will have to check the results and decide if it is appropriate to use in the Daye city.

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