China has planned to launch their very own artificial moon in sky

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Hearing about China makes everyone think about cheap labour and piracy. All thanks to Trump because the issue of piracy has taken a globalalized perspective after China was accused of stealing all the important technology. China was once considered to be a closed country where there is no place of democracy, however in recent years China has attained the liberal aspects of economic decentralisation. The Belt and Road initiative of China will help it gain easy access to major world markets.

China has prospered will in technology. Still it can’t compete America but its capacity is amazing. There are many manufacturing firms in America who have outsourced their labour intensive work to China. China has cheap labour because of great human capital. Officials in Chendu, China want to install their own moon in order to eliminate their skies. They have dubbed it as illumination satellite, since this is a fake moon. It’s estimated to be 8 times brighter than the original moon.

Wu Chufeng said that the new moon will be bright enough to replace the street lights. It’s designed to complement the real moon. He added that this illumination satellite will be able to light up an area ranging from 10 to 80 kilometers. A French artist gave this inspiration of artificial moon. Testing of this satellite started years ago and this technology is stable enough to put it to practical usage. They are confident that this moon will be of enough usage during nights.

Some biologists have criticized this project. They feel like this project is going to have negative effect on the ecosystem. The routine of animals will be disturbed. However, Kang Weimin said that the light coming from artificial moon will be of different nature and thus it will not disturb the animals. Russia had also done something similar by launching the brightest object in the night sky. However, that is a story of another day. Let’s see what China does with its own illuminated satellite. Man has already done much harm to the nature. The recent UN report on climate has already caused a lot of controversy. The global climate temperature has raised by one degree.

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