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Chilling moment nurses LAUGH as WWII vet lies dying and begging for help in his care home bed

Written by Wamiq Ali

A disturbing video emerged online where a group of nurses can be seen laughing at a dying Second World War veteran. The video made a lot of people cringe and leave bad comments about nurses. A nurse was supposed to fix that oxygen mask on the face of the Second World War veteran but instead, she along with other nurses was busy laughing and making jokes.

James Dempsey, 89yo, a brave hero who was having trouble breathing. However, there was a hidden camera in the room which was present there to record the suspicious activities of the nurses on the basis of a suspicion. The nurses were not aware of this camera and that is why they were busy laughing as the breathing machine failed. Due to the failure of the breathing machine the pensioner fell unconscious. One of the nurses moved toward him to perform the 6 chest compressions but then decided to stop.

The employees later on at the Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation centre in Georgia waited an hour before calling emergency services.

James Dempsey when he was young!

The family of this veteran thought that he died a natural death but his son Tim had a suspicion on the nurses and that is why he installed a hidden camera in the room. He thought that his father was being mistreated and guess what? he was actually right about it.

“We would have just thought it was natural causes and everything was done that should have been done and he passed away in his sleep,” – said Tim in an interview at Channel 2.

The son in his interview told that one can never think that someone can let a person die. He further added that he felt shocked and a great dismay after he watched the video of the incidents before the death of his father. The video clearly showed that the elderly Hero pressed the call help button 6 times from his bed and that it was enough a call for the nurses to look more into details.

The guy was even pointing towards his chest, a nurse, however, said, “You’re having anxiety that’s all, you just need to calm down.

The story which the nurses told the police was totally different when the footage was not produced in the court. One of the nurses said that she performed the CPR repeatedly until the emergency services arrived and when the video was produced it was found that Miss Nuckles was lying.

A family attorney even asked the nurse that if something funny was happening in the middle of an old man dying.

A retired nursing professor told a news channel that it was totally unprofessional on part of a nurse to stop the CPR on her own as a doctor makes the decision.

Leave everything which you are doing and watch the video below:

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