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Child miners living a hell on Earth for the World to drive ELECTRIC CARS

Just when you became free after having your lunch or dinner depending upon the country in which you reside these childrens are busy mining for you in order to keep up with the productional demand of batteries. These children are living a hell on earth and no one has taken any step to help these children. Watching these children mine in such bad condition is indeed heart-wrenching. These children working with their tiny bare hands through a mountain of huge rocks is indeed a pitiful sight.

Some of these children are just 4 years old and were found to be working amidst the polluted mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These kids are prone to developing skin diseases owing to the toxic red dust which is quite prevalent in the mining environment of Congo. The toxic red dust not only burns the eyes of these kids but in addition to that it develops the risk of inhibiting cancer in these innocent lives.

According to an estimate, the number of children mining for resources in the Congo isn’t going to be curbed down because of a recent historic move made by Britain to ban the usage of both petrol and diesel and replace it with batteries to power the vehicles. Some months ago the British government has pledged to remove the organic fuelled vehicles totally up till 2040.

Dorsen. mining for cobalt meanwhile overseer frightens him for more hardwork [email protected]

Although this move of securing the earth from the Deadly pollution is quite commendable and the good intentions behind this decision cannot be questioned but Derson and these 40000 children who are working in the minds of Democratic Republic of Congo are in a pitiful condition and this kind of price which we are paying by forcing our children to work can never be justified.

A huge portion of the motor manufacturers which are into the electric cars business currently import their Cobalt requirement from the central African state as it is the biggest source of Cobalt in the entire planet. Almost 60% of the earth’s Cobalt is present in Africa and these children are mining for it in order to give an economic uplift to their region.

The Cobalt is being mined in Africa and there are no labour regulations to meet the ethical requirement of work. This Cobalt once mined from Africa is sent to the world where the manufacturer of batteries used it to make their products lighter, rechargeable and more lasting
An electric car battery needs around 15 kilograms of Cobalt whereas smartphone battery requires around 10 grams of it and because of the words inclination towards the electric cars, the demand of Cobalt has increased in the recent years.

Derson then takes the heavy weight of the load in order to drop it 60ft away the mining site [email protected]

Adult minors are also mining for Cobalt in these regions but owing to the smaller body size of children they are often sent down into the narrow mines for better work progress. Cobalt is quite dangerous for the humans and it can create various respiratory diseases. The world outside Africa doesn’t know that how many children have died to mine for the cobalt but it is believed that the number is quite shocking and huge.

Derson with his fellow worker! [email protected]

Let’s share this report so that the entire world knows about the children and their role in providing them with the electric cars and the pollution free environment.

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