Child calls 911 to report being left in a hot car with 6 other kids

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Parenthood requires quite a lot of attention and care. Parents are often deemed as the first school for the training of the kids. If parents are well versed with the needs of their kids, then they can raise a useful individual for society. A kid who is raised with suitable skills and the right kind of moral values can benefit everyone in his circle. However, this story is about the negligence of a mother, who left her toddler in a hot car. She got arrested, by the police, because of her negligence which endangered the life of her kid. Six other kids were left in the car as well.

The child had called 911 and dispatchers from Charles County were released to save the kids. The child didn’t know the exact location of the parked car; however, the operator was able to pinpoint the location of the car. When officers reached the car, they were able to find seven children aged 2 and 4 stuck in the car which was not running. Shortly when the children were rescued from the car, the driver got back. The driver was a woman who had left for the mall to shop. She had been inside the mall for around 20 minutes.

The officer told the woman that it was illegal to leave a child under the age of 8, unattended in the car. The officer further added that leaving anyone in a hot car was dangerous. The woman can be fined $500 or a prison of 30 days in the jail, or even both. Cars transform into a microwave oven once left in the sunlight. The sweating system of body fails as it reaches 107 degrees. An estimate shows that on average, 38 children die while trapped in hot vehicles per annum.

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