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Child abducted after being forced to stand outside home for not drinking milk

Incidents of such sort make me lose faith on the humanity. It’s too bad to force a child learn a lesson by making him stand outside the house. Children are innocent and the only way we can make them learn valuable lessons is by giving them the lessons of kindness through our own character. I don’t know what this dad was thinking while punishing his daughter and sending her outside the house for not drinking milk. Such denigratory actions against kids will only teach them violence and as an adult when they’ll grow up, morally their definitions about humanity and kindness might be altered.

A 3-year-0ld in Texas state was left outside house shortly after which she got abducted. The Texas police are currently searching for 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, she got disappeared after she was sent outside the home for not drinking milk. The father of Sherin is currently in police custody for endangering a child. Sherin is thought to be in grave danger.

The police sheriff confirmed that the father reported about missing child, 5 hours after she got abducted. Definitely, the father was least conscious about the child or he was afraid of the police because he was the one in the first place who sent an innocent child outside the house.

The child was wearing a pink top with a black pajama. She child is reported to have some developmental issues and she has limited verbal communication skills. FBI is currently helping the investigation and is working with Richardson Police for an early rescue of the child. 3-year-old Sherin Mathews has not been seen since 3am, Saturday.

Wesley Mathews told detectives that he knew coyotes had been seen in the alley where he had left his daughter alone.

The mother of the Sherin is depressed with the entire situation, she isn’t ready to face media. Due to her depressed state, she didn’t give any information or statement.

The father of the girl is currently police custody. He is being held on a $250k bond and is charged with child endangerment.

The news is quite shocking, as a father of a child a person has a lot of responsibilities. The parents are the first institution for any child, as it learns a lot of things from its parents.

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