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Chicago man, 98, turns $1,000 in stock into $2 million and donates it all to wildlife

Russ Gremel, 98-year-old, bought a $1000 worth of stock nearly 70 years ago which is now worth $2 million. He donated this money to create a wildlife sanctuary. Mr Gremel has no children and he never got married. He bought Walgreen’s stock about 70 years ago. Now, this stock is worth $2 million which he donated to Illinois Audubon Society. This Society will now create a wildlife sanctuary.

You have to do some good in this world, that’s what money is for – Gremel told the Media

Mr Gremel knew that people are always going to buy medicine and cosmetics, thus he invested his money in Walgreen’s stock.

We personally take this old man as a pride, because he has clear goals regarding the environment and his duty towards it. He invested in the stock and waited for a lifetime. We hope that this old man’s spirit may inspire many young people and more people may dive into his cause. Animals and greenery are something which might not be of a benefit in a short run, but if we view things as a whole then these things play a major role in the environment and food chain.

98 Years Old Russ Gremel

This man resides in Chicago and his goal is to save wildlife and provide them with a good home which these animals might feel natural.

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